Employer Benefits

Employer Benefits

The Kellands Corporate Wellbeing platform takes automation, access and analysis to a whole new level. Our system seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use and gives you flexibility, cost and risk control - all from the one single platform.

When it comes to benefits technology, research carried out by Employee Benefits magazine* in June 2020 showed that the traits employers wanted most were ease of use, functionality, low cost, data security, integration with other systems and data analysis. The Kellands Corporate Wellbeing platform meets all of these requirements - and more.

For example, all the rewards and benefits you offer to your employees are managed in the Kellands Corporate Wellbeing platform. By giving more control to the administrator it allows for changes to be made at the click of a button. By giving more online access, it helps avoid the need for lots of paperwork and reduces the risk of errors. In this way, it frees up your benefits team from time and resource-intensive benefit administration.

It also helps you control your employee benefits in a simple way. Our platform makes it easy for your employees to choose and engage with their benefits. Because of its intuitive approach, the platform helps your staff better understand what is on offer and allows them to tailor make a benefits package that suits them. This ability to create their own bespoke benefits package gives your employees more freedom of choice and ensures they receive the employee benefits to suit them and their family's needs.

From your perspective, the whole process helps you to streamline your administration, control costs, reduce risk by eliminating outdated processes and manual data handling and ultimately maximise your benefit RoI.

To find out more, or to request a demonstration, contact Kellands Corporate today.

* employeebenefits employers and benefits technology research

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